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Day 2! Dublin

The next morning, we were awoken by Joost´s screeching. Apparently, the bastard is awake everyday around 9, so no rest on tour for us. He tends to make Cthulu-sounds to achieve maximum waking-result. I promised Daniel to let him impregnate me, so when he was in bed I climbed in and crawled all through his amazing hordes of hair. Alas, no picture, bu the memory remains.

We had to leave quite quickly, ´cause we needed to take the ferry in Holycross in Wales to get to Dublin in time. It was a 3,5 hour boating trip. We arrived at the port quite soon, so we got our football out and went to the village to try to get some fun. Alas. It was one of the bleakest towns I´ve ever seen, so we ended up in a bar, drinking our first Guiness around 1300 hours.  The fun thing was that you had a modern day jukebox, but besides Beatles and Bob Dylan, we didn´t play much. Afterwards, we walked to the van and were warmly greeted by 20something Japanese Christians, singing songs of praise. Weird picture.

The boatride was long and dull, and nothing much happened. Joost was listening to Game of Thrones´ ebook, Demian was reading The Game, trying to get some ideas, Stefan was reading something by either Boyd Rice or another neo-folker, Boris was around somewhere calling girls, And  the rest of us was plainly bored. Freek could get some sleep, Richard and I just talked a bit. My on-board meal was chips in gravy, that was all the vegetarian stuff they had. :(.- Yet, not too bad actually. The one note-worthy occurence: we, as a band, tend to sieg heil or make Cthulu sounds a lot. Not sure why, but oh well. When Joost went to the toilets, a small girl waved at him, and he made pincers of his hands, looked at her, and went "Nyyhhjjjaaarrhhjtjjhharr" in a high-pitched voice. Luckily the girl laughed and her dad (6ft6, 6ft wide)was just flustered, but damn. The rest of the week, we did that to everyone we met, as well as performing Nyarlatotep-initiation rites and awkaward dances for everyone around us.

On arriving in Dublin, we had half an hour to get to the Pint. Traffic jams aside, we got there and started unloading our crap. We were taken in by Niall who was the boss that evening, because Steve, who originally booked the show, had another gig in Dublin. A band called Divisions Ruin had their farewell gig because one of their members went off to America. Hence, hardly anyone came to the show. This story was told to us approximately 23745757 times, 100000 of which by a drugged-up Steve. But the venue was gorgeous. Old-school interior, low ceiling, burgundy walls. When the 10th paying customer was there, we started the evening.

Luxury Mollusc was up first. Really decent ambient noise, kinda like Aethenor. Sweet guy as well. Afterwards was Rites, sludgy crusty hardcore, nice, but not that special. Then came Siorai Ghrimraidh, our touring-buddies for the next days. They were awesome guys, and the music was excellent as well. A mixture of Buried at Sea and Striborg with some Neurosis-vibes. LIKE! Next band was On Pain Of Death, and they SLAYED. Khanate-sludge. Heavy as hell.

When we started to play, only the bands were still there save one and 10 paying guys. Ah well. We still put down a decent set I think, people were really siked afterwards, the sound was good on stage and we generally agreed that we had a good kick-off of the tour.

Steve was supposed to give us a sleeping place, but he kinda figured that Niall would do that, and Niall thought otherwise. Nice. After some calling, Steve came to get us form the venue and told us we could go to the party as well! Well, sure! It was in an upper-class neighbourhood, in a villa filled with crusties. WEIRD! But beer and whisky eveywhere, made some new acquaintances, met friends of old and danced to Bon Jovi with a drunk guy filled with black marker tattoos. Afterwards, Steve dropped us off at his place to sleep, saying he wouldn´t be back, so please just lock the door. The amount of trust given to us was really awesome, I still think. Steve was a good guy, and at 4:30, we could kinda fall asleep.

 The Pint, inside
 Freek is not impressed by the Mollusc

 The hills are alive with the sound of Satan


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