xjohanx (xjohanx) wrote,

Put those warm little hands where I can see them

 These weeks have been intense.

My dad is now up and running/panting. He'll be operated on again two weeks from now, and apparently that'll make him fit again. I do hope he'll finally quit smoking. 

My little brother is an amazing teacher, yet his job's sacking him because he doesn't have the proper qualifications. He couldn't get those because said job has been taking up all his time these last 4 years, even though he had warned them about it. Yet he's a bit too nice, and now he's royally fucked. Bastards.

Due to administrative problems with both governmental organisations and myself, my debts are suddenly sky-rocketing. I have no idea how I'm going to work this out.

Yet, on a positive note, Lydia is amazing still and really keeps my head together. That combined with playing lots of shows with both my bands gets me through this rough patch. 

Oh, and my beard is getting there.

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