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Last week, I returned from two weeks of amazingness. One week with Lydia in Edinburgh, One week with the band touring the UK and Ireland. Since Lydia always makes unforgettable documents of every trip we make, I'll now try to type out a tour-report, with all the saucy bits.
The first day of tour started with a big yet manly hug from Daniel. We stayed at his and Sacha's place, and we had a good, hearty meal first. One of little this tour. We then went to the practice space of Hammers (www.myspace.com/hammers625) where we were going to play. The venue is about 12 square metres, maybe less, so I was stoked. 
The first band to play was Nasdaq. They play an awesome kind of metallic post-rock, not unakin to Russian Circles. Their guitar-player Medium Dan (formerly known as Tall Dan) is a really cool guy as well, and as said, their music is really good. Second band was Pine Barrens, and they play an AWESOME mixture of Hewhocorrupts, Entombed and Converge-like chaos, with a singer that screams out lungs and intestines. EXCELLENT. Their bassplayer had a 5-string bass with just 4 strings on it. We thought it was to make a point, later we learned that he had forgotten to put on a new string after he borke one the week before. PUNK.
Then we were up. At that point, there were (someone counted) some 40 people plus band in that small space. So the heat was fairly unbearable, and sweat was already pouring from the walls. We raged through the set, and damn, what a show. We were all stuffed around Richard's drumkit, couldn't really move, so I was banging my head up to 1 cm from one of his cymbals, Demian was constantly avoiding my bass and Joost had a strip of some 50 cm in front of the drumkit to stroll around. But people were crowdsurfing, Rambo as well, 2 litre bottles of cider were passed around and the general feel was one of invincibility.
Afterwards, we drank some whisky and hung out a Daniel's before going to sleep in their livingroom.

An excellent start.

Tomorrow, day 2! (so I can keep your attention)

Pic of the day: Demian and me and 3644 litres of sweat

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