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Even though I'm a bit under the weather, I do want to finish this. So.

When we woke up in the stench of ferret-poo and man-sweat, we knew that we had to get a better sleeping place for the coming night. But first breakfast. Since we are spoiled brats here in Europe, the fact that we never got dinner or breakfast in Ireland was kind of an unpleasant suprise. Most of the costs made were food and drinks.

Apparently we had parked our van in front of a Subway. Even though I'm not all too siked about the Veggie Delight, I was hungry and so I settled for paying too much for a meh-sandwich. But the coffee, wow. In these isles, they don't really appreciate coffee made from freshly-ground beans, they seem to prefer powdered coffee. And the stores that DO sell ground coffee still think it shouldn't have too many flavour. But here, we had our first decent cuppa of the tour. And dirt-cheap! Again, we went away on a high. Kinda.

Because the last verified show of the tour was in Limerick. When we talked to people in Cork and mentioned we were playing Limerick, the faces went pale and concern filled the eyes. "What time are you playing? Are you leaving before sunset? Or at least before midnight?". Hmm. The nickname of this nice, quaint place is Stab City. Apparently, the Irish army was called into action three times last year to bring peace and justice here. Packs of drugged-up youths roam the streets at night, stabbing, shooting and punching whomever they encounter. At first we thought it was a joke, and figure that we'd have bled to death unnoticed at the end of our set 'cause the Limerickians are so good at their job. But when we talked to some people at the venue, we found out that it really is that horrible.  Later on, a couple of 10/12 year olds tried to sell us coke. Weirdness everywhere. The town itself is really bleak too, drab grey buildings as far as the eye can see.

Anyways, when arriving there, we were told that th show had a one hour delay because the band bringing the backline had car trouble. Luckily, we had a backline too, so that was handled quite quickly. But before everyone accepted that, it took an hour anyways, which we spent kicking a ball across the square. This habit of ours attracted quite some attention again. I got the feeling that that is something 'you just don't do as a metalband'. At least not as badly as we play it.

Freek in style, Joost (far left) as well.

We were added to this show last-minute, the idea was that there would be two touring trashmetal bands and two local bands. We were supposed to play in between, but we were kicked to the top of the bill by the promoter, because apparently "we didn't suck as hard as those trash bands". Okay.

First up was Obscure Essence. These 16-year olds copied their heroes well enough, Eighteen Visions and the likes, and it was pretty cool to see the Myspace girls they brought with them, mumbling along to the acoustic lovesongs. Alas, when they were done, all the girls dissappeared as well. Because up next was Guttrench. AMAZING! Brooooootal as fuck deathgrind, great guys, and I love any band with a pigsqueal. Following the slaughter, there was thrash. Exczeltic was the name, and they were really nice guys, young as well, loving the beer, and trashing like 80s never went away. Metallica, Megadeth, Maiden, they ruled supreme. Especially their 18-year old guitarplayer shredded solos like there was no tomorrow. Horns up, and off we went. The last band before we went one was Psykosis, and even though they had fun on stage, the sloppiness was astounding at times, and the guitarplayers were so drunk they never seemed to notice the looks of dismay and disgust on both the audience's as their singer's faces. Ah well.

When we were soundchecking, the sun went down, and suddenly, the entire venue seemed to empty. All the bands save Exczeltic were gone, and lots of visitors ran away as well. The rest of the people there were on barstools, sipping beer, and that was that. Weird atmosphere to end the tour in, but I do think we put on a great set, even though I broke a string (my second one in four shows...*sigh*) halfway through the set. But that gave Joost the opportunity to tell about Nietzsche, Houellebecq, H.P. Lovecraft and that really went over the heads of people present, as if we were telling kindergarten kids about life insurance. Later on, we got some people to talk about it, but they were telling us that METAL is all about beer and tits for them. Oh well, with a bit of luck, we got some people thinking.

Then, at 2230, we packed the van and went to Decy's place to sleep. He told us to get to New Ross, where he was staying with his brother, and then they'd show us the way to their drummer's place. Well, we drove for 1,5 hours to New Ross, called Decy and told him we were at so-and-so street. He told us he didn't know that street and asked us in WHICH New Ross we were, actually. Apparently, there are 5 New Ross's in Ireland. Little did we know. So, wahey, off we went for a 2 hour drive to the right one. Argh.

During the drive, we were in a David Lynch environment constantly, we drove through small streets, surrounded and covered by weeds and trees, and the only light we had was the two headlights, emphasising how tiny we were in this wilderness. Add to that the soundtrack of Sunn O))))/Boris' collaboration and lots of whisky, and you can perhaps imagine the disconsolating vibe. Apparently, we ran over a cat as well. I was asleep in the back of the van at the time, but I allegedly reacted to that by raising my hand in a raven's claw and making a sound not unlike 'bleaugrgh'.

Halfway that trip, we shared a moment of happiness I'd like to label as "Outaworldly". We stopped for a quick pee, but ended up in a trance-like void. We danced, we hooted, we twirled, we grasped the stars, we kissed the men, we thanked the gods that be, not for anything in particular, but for the moment, for us, for sharing. For a minute or so, we shared a feeling of joy. It really was beautiful, even though I can hardly put it to words.

ANYWAYS. An hour later, we were in the proper village, and afterwards it was half an hour driving to the huge semi-farm of the drummer. It had approx. 8 rooms, and we could pick whichever we liked. And it had proper matresses! JOY!

Good food! Fries, curry and cheese!
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