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Day 5 was a day of rest and fun actually.

We had booked a late-night liner to Plymouth, Wales because it was cheaper, so we had an entire day to kill. Luckily Decy and Paul had time to spare.

We had a really decent good night's sleep. I knew that Freek had his nightly moments of wandering around and talking gibberish, but apparently Richard moans like a horse in heat at night too. I was dead-tired, so I kicked him once or twice, which helped. I showered for the first time in 4 days that morning and HELLA it felt good. After that I got some coffee, so as far as I was concerned, the day was a succes anyways.

We had some plans for visits, so first up we went to the Irish coast. Along the way,  we drove past a haunted house. It has some really cool stories, also involving the devil playing cards with the locals, and we wanted to break in to see what was up. Alas, the neighbour across the street saw us and called us back.

You can't really see it here, but it has two huge stone eagles on the roof, and one window was open and a curtain was blowing out of the window the entire time. According to Decy, there was one light on for a year or something as well. Creepiness galore!

Afterwards we went to the coast at Waterford. And man, I hadn't enjoyed nature for quite some time. The coast is really rough and stony, and it has lots of little rock pools when the tide is low. Those are filled with sea anemones, and when you put your finger in them, they suck on it. Hence, when Decy put his finger in one, "My, you're a frisky one, aren't ya?". But we spent two hours there, just sitting or lying in the grass or on the rocks, taking it easy, talking about life, philosophy, music and having a really relaxing time for the first time on tour.
This is Paul being the king of slime by the way. Awesome rock pool with tiny fishes in it!

We got something to eat, and then we drove to Tintern Abbey, because Joost and I were convinced that Wordworth wrote a poem on it. Later we found out that there's also an English Tintern Abbey. Oh well. It was a really cool old abbey, 11th century, and nicely dilapidated. But we had to pay an entrance fee again, and again we declined. But you were free to roam the forests surrounding the abbey. And damn. After 10 minutes or so, we came across a really awesome ruin, completely overgrown with all kinds of flowers and trees, and you only needed to cross a small river to get there. Or a bridge a while back. But most of us treaded water anyway. And so we spent half an hour, wondering about how nature will retain it's strength, how all man's structures will fall in the end, and how amazing it that this buidling reminds you both of that and of the heritage, the history of your people. I made loads of picture, but I like these the best.

In the last picture, you can see a tree, growing from one of the boughs in the structure. Amazing.

We had to drive back to Decy's place after that to eat and go to the boat in time. Decy made us a really good meal, he's gold. We got to play with his dogs as well, I really enjoyed myself there. We even got to see the container in which the Siorai Ghimreadh demo was recorded...:). Whilst there, Richard could check the band email, to find out that we'll be playing with Anaal Nathrakh the 24th of September! This means a whole fucking bunch to me, I love their agression, their noiseblackmetal and the 'fuck all'attitude they exude. Can't wait!

The boat ride back was loooooooong and boring, even though Richard and I talked for a long time while outside, about, well, everything. This whole experience really brought the band together. We opened oup to each other in ways we hadn't done before, so in that sense alone, the trip was worth every damn bit.

We had to travel through endless stretches of dark, damp and deserted Wales to get through out hostel, which was in the middle of Zombieville, Plymouth. The website of the hostel was the site of the village, so we had no address, just the village to drive to. Later on we learned that there live approx. 53 people there, so yeah, no real use for a proper website. But we were heart-warmingly received by an old lady who made us extremely strong tea at two in the morning. At three, we could go to bed, after killing some mosquitos the size of bears, and with a lovingly mumbled "sieg heil motherfuckers", Boris lulled us to sleep.

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