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I can't believe I haven't posted something about this earlier on, but: Lydia and me are moving!


We received the keys to our new house yesterday! It's kidna weird actually, 'cause I'm stoked, but not really impressed or anything. I'm not sure whether it's because I've been through all this before or the fact that I know this is going to work, so why all the fuss, but damn....it's gonna be awesome!

We had been looking throughout the summer, but 2 months ago we responded, or well, Lydia responded, to a site that lets house owners who have trouble selling their homes rent them out. So we rent a house for a year against "cost price", and after that it can be sold again to whomever.

It's a great place, near the city, 2 floors. Downstairs there's a HUGE living room which is really high as well, 4 metres give or take, and plenty of space for the books and albums. Added to that is a pretty big kitchen with skylight and a toilet. Upstairs has two spacy rooms and a bathing room. Eveything we need really. The only thing lacking is some proper storage space, but perhaps that's a sign for me to start throwing away crap. And since I'm a hoarder, it's gonna be quite the problem. Ach well.

We're moving this saturday to
Grave van Solmsstraat 1, 3515EN, Utrecht.
You'll be invited to the housewarming asap, and I'll post pictures once taken.

Besides that, Terzij de Horde is on a roll! In three weeks, we'll be sharing a stage with Liturgy, Eagle Twin, Gorath and Anaal Nathrakh in three different countries! ARGH!
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